Top 10 movies to watch this Halloween

Halloween. The night of the year for excellence for geeks and lovers of horror genre. A special day to stay at home in the dark and the volume all the way down, watching movies that make us the creeps. In absolute solitude or in the good company of friends I recommend 10 titles to s%$# yourself this Halloween.

10- Grave Encounters


This 2011 film directed by Vicious Brothers is little known by the public because of the limited exhibition held in our cinemas in Southamerica. However it remains an interesting option for this Halloween if you like the found footage genre like Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield or brilliant spanish film REC. This film doesn’t admits gray: you love it or hate it. Grave Encounters is about a group of people who want to film a tv show in the style of Ghosthunters. Set in an abandoned mental hospital where paranormal activity supposedly occur, when Lance Preston and his team witness the horrors that encloses the hospital, is too late to escape.

9- Cursed 


Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson reunited after eight years for this film. Their latest work together before this film was the brilliant “Scream 2” released in 1997. In Cursed they reapply the same formula and gave us a teen horror flick with werewolves. Cristina Ricci and an unknown Jesse Eisenberg gave one last fresh breath of lycan before Stephanie Meyer fled the cinemas with gay bloodsuckers, and werewolves more handsome than a male top model.

8- Wishmaster


Produced by Wes Craven, I personally consider this flick as a lost link between slasher movies from the 80’s to the torture porn gender that gained exposure at the beginning of the new century with films like Saw, Hostel or the remakes of The Hills Have Eyes. Wishmaster tells the story of the Djin , a race of evil geniuses locked inside statues to prevent their domination of our world. Consider as a nightmarish entity, the Djin incarnate evil as they granted you any desire you won’t. But in exchange for your three wishes, they own your soul forever. Eight hundred years after the last appearance of a Djin, one of them escapesfrom it’s prison and plans to convert your wishes into your worst nightmares .

7- Texas Chain Saw Massacre Remake


Most of you will think “WTF??” about my choice, but there is something about chainsaws that gives me the creeps. Whenever I hear a chainsaw I con immediately relate it to this movie. I’m quite a big guy, but the idea of a giant loony chasing me with a f/&%%$ chainsaw gives me all the right reasons to shit my pants before I ran faster than Forrest Gump. Now, WHY the remake and not the original?? Well personaly I think the dark tone set by Marcus Nispel version is much more creepier, and I strongly defend the chase of Jessica Biel is MUCH more desperate than the original. With that said, I give myself “Liked” before I turn off the light, set the volume very, VERY high and crap myself to death.

6- REC

¿What can I say about with film that haven’t been said before? My first reaction before I saw it back in 2007 was, “I don’t give two cents about this film” But after watching it I could tell, it was worth my time, my two cents and a lot more. Never before and after this movie I felt so damn tense about freaking zombies.

5- Child’s Play

I know many of you will be mocking and disapprove this choice. But before making any kind of judgment I want you to consider your age when you saw this movie for the first time. I was 6 and my childhood was no longer the same because of this damn doll. I remember after watching it, I spent several weeks sleeping with the light on totally terrified of my toys. Yes, yes, I know, I was always a very “brave” boy.


4- Poltergeist

Everytime Steven Spielberg made a horror flick, ruined us something. First it was our summer holidays with the awesome Jaws in 1975. But in 1982 he ruined the calm of our houses. And it only took him one phrase, “they are here…” I consider this film as a prophecy of horrors to come, as Poltergeist was the first movie that made me watch with fear a tv screen with static. “…Seven days…” Ups…spoiler…

3- The Ring

I think The Ring, and I take full responsibility for my words, as the bastard child of Poltergeist. Perhaps Koji Suzuki, author of the book Ringu, was inspired by Steven Spielberg film to write such an horrifying story, but tell me if at least once in your life you haven’t watch with fear your tv screen praying it won’t turn on with the filthy ghost of a little girl walking towards you…

2- The Exorcist

I know it is considered by many as the best horror film of all time. Leaving aside any religious creed, the history of Reagan and her spider walk down the stairs or her neck spider spinning 360 degrees are some of the scenes that scared the shit of the hole world for many generations. I do not consider it as the most terrifying of all because I could not bring myself towatch it until I was 25 years old. Yes, I said it, I won the wimp award of the year.

1- Stephen King’s IT

Yes, here it is the number one movie that definitely ruined my life. Thanks to this clown bastard, my parents paid a fortune in electricity, when I was a kid. Even now I simply can’t forget the scene of the girl in the yard of her house being attacked by the damn clown between the hanging clothes. Thanks a lot Stephen King for ruining my childhood.